Adventure Trip: Kawasan Falls – Badian, Cebu

Badian is a municipality in the province of Cebu that is approximately 98 kilometers south west of the Cebu city.

Usually shadowed by Moalboal, which goes before it, Badian is home to two tourist destinations that will surely impress local and foreign tourists, Kawasan Falls and Lambug Beach.

In my second trip to Cebu, I decided to include Badian in my itinerary. I was staying at Panagsama beach in Moalboal during the whole trip so visiting Badian is very practical.

From Moalboal national road, I took a bus to Badian. It took about 15 minutes before a bus arrived. During that wait, a lot of motorcycles and tricycles were offering to bring me to Badian but they were asking for a lot (150 pesos). The bus would only cost about 15-30 pesos depending on the kind of bus and the exact location in Badian where you will be going.

The bus trip to Matutinao where Kawasan is located took about 30 minutes. You will never miss the entrance to Kawasan because it is very well known and there is the Matutinao church beside it.

The hike to Kawasan will take about 15-30 minutes depending on the pace. The distance is about 1.5 kilometers from the entrance. People really don’t need to rent a guide because the trail is very easy to follow. There is an entrance of 10 pesos to be paid after about walking for 5 minutes.


Travelers will know if they have arrived because the falls can be seen at a distance and the locals who service the attractions in the falls will approach visitors right away.


There are restaurants and stores in the area so food is not a problem. Rental of huts go from 300-500 depending on the size.


Some locals who offer the bamboo ride (with waterfall massage) for 500 already includes the huts. So choose wisely and haggle when you are in there.


For me, I just crossed the commercial area, looked for a dry rock and placed my bag there. No costs for me. Shower and comfort room are also present but come with a minimal price of 10 pesos.



Swimming around the falls is possible even without a life jacket on, as long as, you know how to swim. The water is extremely cold so to avoid cramps I just did a plain breast stroke during my swim. I was able to come closer to the falls little by little until I was able to go behind the falls where temperature shoots up.


After swimming around and marveling at the beauty of the falls, travelers can choose to hike up going to the 2nd and 3rd falls. It is a steep climb through cemented steps up the mountain. The higher falls are much smaller though than the first one.




5 thoughts on “Adventure Trip: Kawasan Falls – Badian, Cebu

      • It was really cold. But I love especially when we went under the falling water! No, we stayed in Terra Manna Resort which is also near Kawasan. It was also nice there.

      • Nice decision! I think the place is really good for daytrippers because of the limited food choices.

        I love the part under the falls too. I was only swimming around and did not avail of the raft service so I was able to stay longer under the falls.

      • I had to take the raft coz it was my first real waterfalls in Cebu haha. And now, I’m going around Cebu for more waterfalls. 🙂

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